We're all students when it comes to music!


Music is a lifelong pursuit. I've had teachers who have come into my life for a relatively short time, but their inspired words and teachings stay with me forever. In turn, I have had the privilege of teaching hundreds of students since 1998 in various stages of their musical journey. Whether you're a beginner, a working professional or somewhere in between, there is always something to learn. I teach piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, music theory, ear-training,  songwriting / composition, technique, music technology and more to the young and young at heart. 


More inspiration from current and former students:


"Amy Stolzenbach is one of the most important music teachers I've ever had. I came to her with so many hang-ups about my own abilities (or lack thereof) and she helped to rebuild my confidence. Her teaching style takes some of the pressure off learning and makes playing your instrument FUN. In fact, she made it so much fun for me that I ultimately made music-making my full-time career. I am grateful to Amy, not only for teaching me so many of the important basics on guitar, but for helping me to see what I was capable of. I can't recommend her highly enough!"  

- Shelby Earl, Recording Artist and Touring Musician


I love "full circle" stories!  This is one of my personal favorites. My two children had the wonderful experience of taking guitar lessons with Amy during their high school years. That was about 10 years ago. Wow....time flies!  Amy's fun and unique approach was inspirational for not only my children but for me too! 
My son got married a year ago. And I was wracking my brain for the perfect "mom" wedding toast. Even though I am not the most musical person, I decided to perform a Beatles song with my ukulele. But one hitch, I had no idea how to play the uke. And then a lightbulb moment!  Even though I had not seen Amy for such a long time, I knew she would be the perfect musician to lead me on this new journey!

Long story short....I have had a wonderful time learning a new instrument, reconnecting with Amy, charting new waters, and sharing a wedding toast that was a surprise and brought life beautifully full circle once again!  Thank you, Amy!!!!

- Trudi Knight, Parent and Ukulele Student