April 2014

It's official and you're hearing it first: I am writing my first large-scale orchestral piece! I've been working on ideas and piano sketches since last August and I am now starting to orchestrate it and put everything together. I hope to finish by this summer. Your support is very much appreciated!

April 2014 

Music and sound design for a new full length documentary by Jim Aikman is happening now.

March 2014 

30 second TV commercial for Reel Water Productions and The Outer Banks of North Carolina (music, post soundfx and sound design)

The spirit of the Outer Banks is built on adventure and endless possibilities. It's an exploration of the soul that brings laughter, joy and memories to last a lifetime. Come visit and discover your #OuterBanksSoul. http://http://www.outerbanks.org/

Feb 2014

I hope to start music and sound design soon for a new video game startup in Seattle. Very cool game ideas. Stay Tuned....

I hope to start sound design and music soon for a new video game startup here in Seattle.