Amy at age 3. Who knew that drums would be my first instrument? I still play today!


I live to connect with that electricity and possibility of pure inspiration. Without inspiration, we are lost. For me, a connection can happen through listening to music, collaboration with a filmmaker or another musician, being a catalyst for a music student to connect with the power of music, creating a new piece of music that didn't exist before or by just saying "Yes".

From my studio in Seattle, Washington I have connected and collaborated with creative folks around the world. Duct Tape Then Beer, Reel Water Productions, Mario QuintanaJuniper Media and Sophie Danison are some of the awesome filmmakers I've worked with recently alongside brands like REI, Patagonia, Outdoor Research and Red Bull Media House.

Award winning films, friends and fun have come from these collaborations and I'm incredibly proud that 17 years worth of current and former students are out there playing music in the world. Oh yeah, and I've been known to play a little bit of rock. It's a pretty good life. Please reach out and say hello if you are inspired!